Every year, 1201 Third is lucky enough to serve as a nesting place for the Peregrine Falcon. During the nesting and growth of the their young, Property Management works closely with a District Wildlife Biologist and the Urban Raptor Conservatory to closely monitor the falcons.

During the egg laying, hatching and fledgling process, we feature a ‘falcon cam’ where tenants and people around the world can check-in and watch these amazing birds. Join us on Tweet @1201Third with #1201Falcons.


1201 Third Peregrine Falcons – 2023

Photos by Matt Cryan

Prior Years

A few facts about the Peregrine Falcon:

  • Peregrines are the fastest animal species on the planet.
  • Hunts by power-diving from great heights to strike their prey - they can reach diving speeds of up to 200 mph.
  • They became seriously endangered in the mid-20th Century due to use of certain pesticides.

For more information, please visit the following sites:

Urban Raptor Conservancy (opens in new window)

Audubon.org (opens in new window)

National Geographic (opens in new window)

The Peregrine Fund (opens in new window)