Your Safety

It is the intent of Wright Runstad & Company to provide safe and healthful working conditions for our Tenants. Safety is no accident. Each employee is expected to promote and follow safe work practices.

The Property Management - Tenant relationship is one of mutual dependence and responsibility. This relationship is most important when discussing fire and safety related issues. Tenants depend on Property Management to provide information and instructions on how to respond during an emergency. Similarly, Property Management depends on Tenants to become familiar with this information and participate in evacuation drills and training sessions.

Safety Planning
Every company needs an emergency response plan to help protect the safety of employees as well as ensure continuity of business operations.

Step 1: Establish a Planning Team
Determine who will lead the planning process and who will develop each aspect of the emergency response plan. Set calendar dates for each step of the process to keep the planning on track. Establish a budget for all expenses.

Step 2: Analyze Capabilities and Hazards
Review existing internal plans and policies. Meet with outside groups (including Property Management) to determine what resources will be available in an emergency. Identify codes and regulations. Identify critical products, services and operations. Identify internal resources and capabilities. Identify external resources. Do an insurance review. List potential emergencies and assess their impact on people, property and business operations.

Step 3: Develop the Plan
Prepare an Executive Summary for top management. Write out all emergency response procedures as simply and briefly as possible. Establish a training schedule for all employees. Distribute the plan to all appropriate internal and external resources.

Step 4: Implement the Plan
Integrate the plan into company operations. Perform drills and exercises to test the plan; don't wait until an actual emergency to find out your plan has flaws. Incorporate emergency response training into new employee orientation. Evaluate and modify the plan annually.