The building provides security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Emergency Control Center, located on Level AT, is staffed by security officers at all times. Security officers monitor the fire and life safety systems throughout the building and conduct regular patrols of the premises. To contact the security desk please call (206) 224-1203.

Security Escort

The security staff will escort tenants to any location within a two block radius of the building. To request an escort, please call (206) 224-1203 or stop by the security desk.

Security – During Business Hours

Although we do our best to maintain a secure working environment, we cannot guarantee complete safety. We ask that tenants take these preventative measures to keep their areas more secure:

  • Keep all entrance doors other than the main entrance to your suite locked at all times.
  • Reception areas should not be left open without someone monitoring the area. If that is not possible at all times, a door chime or other such alarm should be considered or all doors should be locked if your suite is unattended.
  • Instruct employees to keep valuables in secured areas (locked desks, file cabinets, or closets) when leaving them unattended.
  • Always keep safes, strongboxes, or similar devices locked, particularly when unattended. Do not leave combinations where they can be easily found.
  • Record serial numbers of all valuable office equipment. If anything is stolen, a record of serial numbers can aid in the recovery of the items.
  • Check wastebaskets at the end of the day to ensure that no items of value have been left there.
  • Always check the identification of repair persons and confirm the repairs have actually been requested.
  • Report all suspicious activity or persons to property management and security. Make note of suspect’s description and their last known direction of travel.

Security – After Business Hours

After normal business hours, please make certain that all entry doors to your suite are locked. Do not allow anyone to follow you into the building after business hours. Anyone authorized to enter the building after normal business hours will do so with a programmed access card. If you encounter someone having difficulty gaining entry into the building, do not let them in. Instead, please notify security that they need assistance.

Property management recommends that you keep all personal valuables locked up during non-business hours. Although the security staff patrols the building throughout the night, we cannot guarantee the safety of unsecured valuables.

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