Commuter Information

The Transit Tunnel entrance is located at the corner of Third Avenue and Seneca Street and includes both bus service and light rail access from Pacific Place to the airport. A variety of surface street bus routes (opens in new window) service the neighborhood.

Our parking garage also has one Zipcar for their members to use. Their website, (opens in new window), provides information on membership, prices and other locations of their vehicles.

More information can be found on the King County Metro website (opens in new window).

Sustainable Tenant Practices

Wright Runstad & Company strives to practice and promote sustainable operations. Below is a checklist of various ways to be sustainable in your office:


  • Turn off overhead lighting when offices are unoccupied.
  • Install energy efficient lamps in proprietary fixtures.
  • Minimize direct sunlight by closing blinds.
  • Allow window induction units to breathe freely.
  • Keep space heaters out of the building.
  • Seasonally modify your internal “comfort zone”.
  • Position workstations to receive natural light.
  • Program computers/copiers for low-powers “sleep mode”.
  • Turn off computers/equipment when not in use.
  • Purchase ENERGY STAR office equipment.

Administrative Operations

  • Replace fax machines with fax modem technology.
  • Institute paperless record-keeping system.
  • Default photocopiers/printers to double-sided printing.
  • Reduce handouts at meetings; use projected presentation for agendas.
  • Create a “reuse” area for lightly used office supplies.
  • Minimize newspaper and magazine subscriptions.
  • Remove your name from catalog or “junk mail” lists.
  • Have a waste stream audit performed (at night).

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