Trash & Recycling

The janitorial staff is instructed to empty and dispose of everything found in trash containers, without regard for their content. Please make certain that what you dispose of is waste. Contact the property management office to coordinate the removal of rubbish items too large for the compactor. This will be at the expense of the tenant.

When discarding cardboard boxes, please break them down and put them in an obvious spot with the word “recycle” displayed on the item(s). This applies to all other items you need to dispose of that may be too large for the receptacle.

As a courtesy to other tenants and guests, please do not put items intended for trash in the hallway or by the freight elevator.


Wright Runstad & Company has instituted a building-wide recycling program for paper, cardboard, aluminum, plastic, glass, batteries, and Styrofoam. Property management provides the receptacles you will need to start recycling: small desk-side containers for paper, cardboard, plastic and aluminum and larger containers for glass.

These items are collected by the janitorial service providers, put in special bins located in the loading dock area and removed weekly by a waste disposal contractor. Please be careful not to mix recyclable materials with normal trash and other forms of waste. For more information about recycling, particularly removal of unusual items like office equipment and electronics, please contact the property management office.


In order to remove as much material as possible from the normal refuse stream, Wright Runstad & Company offers composting options. Tenants may designate compost containers in their suite for food scraps, food-soiled paper, cardboard and other food waste items. Property management will provide compostable liners for such containers and empty these containers on the same schedule as regular trash pickup.


Electronic waste disposal services are available on a small scale – please contact the property management office for additional information.


As part of our sustainability and waste management program for the building, 1201 Third will have our trash sorted and recorded daily.

Management consistently reviews the waste streams to ensure that every possible item is diverted from landfills and into compost and recycling streams. For more information on available services, or to have one of our staff assist with implementation of these practices in your office, please contact Property Management. Below are printable posters:

Commercial Food Compostables (opens in new window)

Waste & Recycle Flyer (opens in new window)

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